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The Nerd of Algorithms

A site dedicated to various graphical, graph-related and geometrical Algorithms.

In recent years (as to 2015) many internet-based portals dedicated to internet-based multiplayer andventure / role-playing videogames ( games of the MMORPG genre) were born: and these reunite many people for whom those games have a strong social function. Often a function as significant as that of giving a reason and meaning to their lives. But Algorithms, even having potentially a comparable social funciton being the "nerd subject" par-excellence, don't enjoy any wide support and so they cannot excert their potential social function: mainly that of giving a meaning and reason to the lives of those people who are generally judged as "nerds" or "geeks", and this hurts them in some way, or has lead them straightly to social emargination. This site serves this purpose: to offer a large portal of topics, programs, articles, etc, using Algorithms, and about Algorithms... a little corner to which nerds can refer to and so feel less lonely and abandoned. And for those who have already ended at the margins of sicietly, to stand up and re-enter society as total nerds who have a large supporting base which protects them from social emargination.

There is both use of consolidated things, as well as plenty of things which are results of original research.

If You don't know where to start, You can start browsing this site a bit randomly. There is a compact list of the various sections:
drag the cursor over an element, and a describtion of the section will pop up. Click to enter the given section. Have lots of fun!
You can use the automatically generated sitemap below, to get oriented. It is generated by a script written in the PHP programming language, and the procedure to draw it as a real network of interconnected nodes (a graph) is itself an Algorithm. So we haven't even started, but are already fully in business.

What is Terrain Rendering?
Curriculum Vitae
The Vector as a Datastructure - an article written to test the use of procedurally generated figures in articles
What are Algorithms? Why a site dedicated to Algorithms? Why are Algorithms cool?
A Nerd's Life
New Terrain System
Articulated Body Simulation and simulation-videogames
Numerical Methods
Applied Mathematics and it's Applications

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As far as the sitemap is concerned, also a more powerful one shall be available, an interactive one written in JavaScript, in which the nodes and links will be represented as a small town with it's own little network of roads which connect building-aggregates... a little town which You can interactively browse looking at it in a birdflight fashion.
A little demo-version is already available at the bottom of the page. Have lots of fun!

site by Simon Hasur: to make sure that I am sufficiently nerd, You can check my Curriculum or short-bio .
This site is maintained by the following users:
name: Simon ; surname: Hasur ; email: xxsimonxx91@gmail.com ; phone: 0039 3495949638 ;

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