Falanster City 3D - A 3D rendering-engine written in JavaScript

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concept and program by Simon Hasur ( alias the Nerd of Algorithms ) ; licence-type: OpenSource, Free software .

version 1.45 ( 29 July 2016 ) :
preambule: Graphics subsystem finalized ; news: 1. cars can climb on trampolines and so roam on any segment of road which is part of a multi-level network of roads.
2. Car grip depends (wheel by wheel) on whether it is on a road-segment ; 3.One can get off a vehicle, not just change it, by clicking on a "blank" spot.

I'm looking for a SPONSOR for the continuation of this project: detailes in the video at this link:
https://youtu.be/CF8AGlXbdJM :
if You think You want to become a future sponsor for it, please contact me: my email-adress is simhgamedev@gmail.com, my telephone number is 0039 3495949638.