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Short essays

Miscellaneous short essays, written by me

My mini-games

At the link below, You fing the complete list of my mini-games : all those written in JavaScript are my mini-games, except FalansteCity3D wihch is not a mini-game but a 3D urban-environment rendering module ( where ususally there types of software-modules are called engines ). Link to my mini-games
Minigames written by me
They can be tried either directly online, either by downloading them and opening the index.html in the folder which is created after decompressing the *.zip file which is downloaded. The best practice is to download the games, even because they occupy just a few hundreds of kilobytes each.


My Europass-format curriculum in ENGLISH, typeset with the LaTeX computerized typesetting system:

Europass-format Curriculum Vitae PDF

My Europass-format curriculum in ITALIAN ( WARNING: needs to be updated to accord with the update English version!!):

Curriculo Europass come documento PDF

My narrated curriculum in ITALIAN:

Curriculo narrato come documento PDF